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Home Delivery Service

With only the money to convert our home kitchen we decided to start a home delivery service..

There were no other delivery services on the Lizard Peninsula or Asian food out let’s, so we believed we had a good chance..

Now with our kitchen built and our Hygen Assessment coplete with 5*s, It was time to start delivering meals localy..

We designed our own menu and had 1000 copys printed at Brewers in Helston.

We handed the menus out at our daughters school Christmas play in Ruan Minor.

We set the opening date for the 13th December 2012, and prepared food the phone rang and we had our 1st customer in the UK. Mark Peters a friend I had made working as a roofer with HJB roofing.

The Phone never stopped ringing from that day till now…

20181130 235212
Our 1st UK Menu 
20181130 235212 1
Our 1st UK Menu 13th Dec 2012 (front cover)
20181130 235246
Our 1st UK Menu 13th Dec 2012 (inside cover)

One year later we revised our menu and printed again..

20181130 235135
2nd Menu July 2013 (front cover)
20181130 235053
2nd Menu July 2013 (inside cover)