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It means you care to find out a little more about Jumunjy and we care that you care.. It’s a long story about a small family business that has taken many twists and turns to where it is now, but that story is best told over an evening of spicy food and cold beer.. But in short Jumunjy began on Koh Phangan, better known as the Full Moon Party island of Thailand. We spent many happy years there serving food and drink to travellers from all over the world. In this time we learnt how to cater for a wide range of tastes, taking advice and learning new recipes, ever expanding our menu and skills.

Phansa mountain life

Phansa the owner and head chef…

… grew up in a sleepy village in Lampang Province Northern Thailand surrounded by food and cooking, as a child she would go every evening with her grandmother to trade vegetables at the nite market. Her mother also ran various street food stalls over the years that she would help with selling PadThai and many other dishes at village festivals.

Phansa also worked in her auntys wholesale business selling lychees, making pork crackling & rice crackers. The family also ran a distillery creating Lao-khao “Thai moonshine”.

Phansa 1st learnt to cook at home in her garden kitchen with a charcoal bbq, and has never stopped cooking with chillies and fire. She lives for food and the kitchen is still the only place you will find her surrounded by pots and pans boiling and bubbling while flames leap from her WOK day and night…

Please check out our blog for a more in depth story with some fun photos..

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We are a family run business that believe in good food, good times, and positive vibes.

Love Team Jumunjy