Pooja is a religious ritual performed as an expression of honour, worship and devotional attention to various deities, and distinguished persons. The word Pooja is relative in both Indian Hinduism & Thai Buddhism, connecting both countries in worship and celebration of religion, using mind-blowing colours to create some of the world’s most beautiful and elaborate handcrafts, artworks and designs all with deep spiritual meanings.

Poojaa Emporium of Asia, brings you a wide selection of handcrafts in a vivid array of colours and designs, together in a harmony of objects, fabrics and art. Filling your heart with warmth and your mind with the mystery and intrigue of the depth of meaning behind the designs.

We aim to take you on a magical journey through the narrow smoke-filled winding back streets of Asia’s market’s towns and villages.

Our range of products are from Northern Thailand & Northern India, all Items and objects are handpicked on our family’s travels in Asia.

Home Decorations, Wall Hangings, Wood Carvings, and Door Handles.
Textiles, Patch Work Sheets, Bed Spreads, Cushions, Throws, Needle Craft, Saree’s, Clothing, Skirts.

Art, Antiques, Jewellery, Lamps, Bags, Umbrellas, Boxes, Bells, Wind Chimes, and all types of Hand Made Cultural Artefacts.

We hope you enjoy your journey, via our website, through unseen Asia.

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